7 At Home Date Nights That Will Create Lasting Memories

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Whether it is because of quarantine or just because you feel like staying in, here are 5 of George and I’s most memorable date nights! Plus two variations of a classic date night we have yet to try! Comment below and let me know some of your own faves!

1. Home-Made Calzones

Honestly, when I planned this Tasty inspired date night I thought I assumed I would enjoy it more than George. I was wrong, we both had such a blast sipping on red wine and each making our own calzones together. The one thing I would do differently would be to be more creative with what we put in the calzones. We added exactly what the ingredients called for then I realized later that we could have experimented with whatever we wanted! Either way, they seemed a little difficult to make without totally failing completely but to our surprise they turned out great! If calzones isn’t your thing, check out my other post here to get some ideas for other delicious (and more simple) recipes!
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2. Sushi Date in the Back Yard

This second food inspired date night is more for when you just want to spend time together without much prep or effort. Not even grocery shopping! Thanks to UberEats or any similar app, you can order a whole buffet from your favorite restaurant and set up a table outside to enjoy the weather! Literally the only thing we ever order from UberEats together is sushi, I am quite obsessed these days haha. We often do this when we both have the day off work and we go for a hike with our pup. The place we order from is notorious for taking longer than it says (at least 50 minutes) so we place the order right after we finish our hike! Then half the time the order is delayed so we make some fruity alcohol drinks and move a table to our backyard. Once all that is ready our sushi has arrived and we feast! It is the perfect way to end an adventorous day.

3. Newlywed Challenge

I follow Shawn Johnson on Instagram and when I saw her post this newlywed challenge I thought it would be fun to do with George. It was actually really fun and such a fun way to get to know your SO and have some laughs while doing it. Point wise we did terribly (LOL!) but the memories made are all that really matter!

4. Face Masks & Movie Night

And if you are looking for more laughs, putting charcoal face masks on each other are a sure way to have some! This product is the first charcoal mask I have tried and I really like it. My friend said she tried a charcoal mask before and it was incredibly painful to take off (ouch!) My experience with this one was definitely pain free. It says on for at least twenty minutes so after applying them to each other pop in a movie while you wait! It is one of those things where it makes you really want to touch your face so a movie is a great distraction!

5. Bananagrams with your own rules

I recently played bananagrams for the first time and typically it is more fun with a group of 4 – 6 people. One night, George and I were bored though so we decided to play but added a random rule for each round. For example, play a round where the words can only be food related. Or (more fun IMO) play a round where the words have to be related to sex. All of a sudden the game becomes super fun even with just two people!

6. Wine & Paint Night

So this is actually a date night that we did last year when we lived in San Diego. It was early on when we were still dating and had yet to become “official”. So we did go out for this but we had so much fun that it is on my list now to do at home! Play music, sip on some wine, and paint together!
The best part is you have something afterwards to keep and remember the night by. George and I swapped paintings at the end and now that we live together we have them hanging up in our bedroom. I’m super cheesy and love them so much! I’ll have to think of a good spot for the next ones we make during our at home version of this date night!

7. Rainbow Fire

Lastly, this is another one on our list that is a twist to the typical night around the fire. We have a fire pit in the back yard and love to sit outside on chilly nights and spend quality time with each other. I learned of rainbow fire a few weeks ago and will definitely be trying it next time we do this!