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12 Month Premed Calendar

A 12 month planner for premeds to stay on track when applying to medical schools. A MUST have!!
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Interview Questions Worksheet

It’s interview season! Get some ideas on questions you can ask during your interview day plus a place to plan your own & write down notes!
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Applying to Medical School in the future? Then you have come to the right place! Apply early is SO important, but also SO hard when you aren’t an expert about every little detail in the process.

Just to give you some perspective, when I applied early I got TEN interview invites before October! I would scroll on my FaceBook premed pages and read that A LOT of other premeds hadn’t even heard back from a SINGLE school yet!

But you know what the common theme was? They applied later in the cycle! They didn’t start their applications, personal statement, and essays early enough to apply on time and it cost them.

This premed planner will help you avoid being those premeds! Get invited to interviews EARLY with the tips & advice included inside. You will be insanely happy you did!

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