The Simple, Step-By-Step Process to Create Your Own Personalized MCAT Study Schedule

The Complete Course Outline:

By the end of this course you will be confidently know: 

  • How to choose an MCAT test date and whether you can "apply early"
  • Exactly what chapters to study or questions to practice EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • & if you get the bonus: Awesome tips on HOW to go about studying! 

Not Convinced? Get A Sneak Peak!

MCAT Basics

We will talk about all the important dates related to the application timeline and how the MCAT fits into the process

Scheduling Tool

A helpful way to help you figure out exactly what to study each day. 

Bonus Module

Tips on creating quality flashcards, how to tackle CARS, practicing timing for each section, and more! 

mcat study schedule calendar
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