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MCAT Roadmap

A course to help premeds create the perfect plan of attack for the MCAT. No more questioning where to start, what materials to use, and how to create a study schedule. By the end of this course premed students will have a step-by-step study strategy and detailed plan to follow so they can leave their overwhelm behind and focus on what's most important: Crushing the MCAT!


  • 20+ IN-DEPTH Video Lessons
  • Access to the MCAT Study Scheduling Tool
  • A complete breakdown of the MCAT basics
  • Step-by-Step instructions to help you create your study schedule
  • Detailed tips on HOW to study effectively
  • BONUS: Biochem pathway quiz sheets
  • BONUS: Epic Application Spreadsheet (stay SUPER organize when you apply)
  • Lifetime access to the course

✅ mcat basics

The 1st module in this course is ALL about laying down the foundations. Not sure what the best materials to use our, what a 3 phase study plan even means, or how the MCAT fits into the application timeline? NO worries. This module will answer all your burning questions!

✅ create a study schedule

The 2nd module walks you through step-by-step on how to make your own perfectly personalized study schedule! I am a HUGE believer in the fact that the best way to set yourself up for success is to make a detailed plan. You'll wake up every single day knowing EXACTLY what questions to do each day, how long to study, the exact dates you're taking practice exams, etc.

✅ high yield study tips

The 3rd module is breaking down my BEST study tips. Want to know exactly how I went from a 509 to a 516 (while working full-time as an EMT)? All the tips taught in this module are the reason I was able to do just that! Having a plan is one thing, but sticking to it and being intentional during your studying is a whole other ball game!

Want to see the full breakdown? ↓↓


"Studying alone for the MCAT can be daunting, but Maggie was so helpful in the whole process. The one thing I loved most about this course was the breakdown planning wise for each of the steps. She used her own template and clearly explained each of the phases. I was not sure how many questions to do a day, and I always seemed to be falling behind. However, she was so encouraging and helped to explain that it all depended on the person. I highly recommend anyone who is unsure of how to plan for the MCAT to take this course. It helps tremendously."

- Umanda W.



I'm passionate about simplifying the process of applying to medical school and studying for the MCAT because I know first hand how *crazy* complicated it is. The first time I applied in 2017, I knew so little about the process. I am sure if I had better guidance and a great mentor, I would have found success the first time. 

Now that is what I hope to be for you because luckily the second time I around and 3 years later, I learned SO much along the way. I was accepted to 10 medical schools this cycle and will get to call myself a doctor one day (omg!).

Crushing the MCAT is one of MANY pieces of the puzzle to be successful when applying to medical school. In 2017 I scored a 509 and was elated with my score. Then 3 years later it EXPIRED and I was forced to take it again if I wanted to reapply to medical school.

Luckily, it turned out to be a fantastic thing. I LOVED the way I chose to study the first time, but knew there were a few specific things I could improve the 2nd time around. After implementing those minor changes, I scored a 516 (my absolute dream score) in 2020!

Join me in MCAT Roadmap so you can set yourself up for the SAME success. You deserve to invest in yourself!!