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Hey there fellow premeds! I created this list of free and paid MCAT resources that I used during my MCAT studying so you could have a kind of “one stop shop” to research what you would like to use for your own studying. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Full disclosure here.

FREE MCAT Diagnostic Exams


  • There free diagnostic is 5 hours and 45 minutes
  • You can also sign up for their Question of the Day emails
  • They also have a 20 minute 16 “exam style questions” if you want a quick way to gauge where you are at and see what type of questions are asked

The Princeton Review

  • You can choose between their full length exam or the shortened COVID exam. Both free!
  • 10 Question Assessment MCAT Quiz
  • MCAT Flashcards App that you can download with 550 flash cards!

Next Step (now Blueprint MCAT)

  • They have a half-length diagnostic exam PLUS a free full length and shortened COVID exam
  • Offers Question of the Day emails you can sign up for
  • You also have access to 7 learning modules and a study planner tool

Altius Test Prep

  • Free half length diagnostic AND you can set up a free meeting with one of their advisors to walk through your exam with you


  • Free physics equation sheet!
MCAT Books for Content Review

I have personally used Exam Krackers along with the Kaplan books (the first time I studied in 2017) and this time around I used The Princeton Review books.

Exam Krackers: I feel like they have the best illustrations and diagrams, plus the margins often have quick learning hacks for an easier way to remember something. For example, a goofy mnemonic to help you remember a handful of psychology terms.

Kaplan: I honestly don’t remember why I had two sets of books the first time? I don’t have anything specific that I remember to be good or bad about them. I did really like the “Quicksheets” book that came with them and often referred to it both times I studied for the MCAT. Their “Self-study toolkit” also has tons of practice which would be really helpful if you aren’t doing an MCAT course!

The Princeton Review: They were good but maybe overly detailed IMO. You will often hear this guy Paul on Dr. Gray’s MCAT podcast say that you need to know “a little bit about a lot of content”. AKA you don’t dive deep into the nitty gritty about every chapter, but instead you need to know some important things about a lot of topics. So I felt like they got a little too into the nitty gritty and if I hadn’t already taken the MCAT in 2017 I think I would have been overwhelmed thinking I needed to memorize all the was included in each chapter.

Still loved it though and it obviously worked out fine to use them this time around!

Passage Based Practice

The books you have for content review

  • Most of them have passage based practice in the back of each chapter, albeit they are usually quite hard! So don’t get discouraged if they seem crazy difficult even right after reviewing the chapter.


  • Absolutely loved it and would 100% recommend! They have such amazing diagrams and explanations, plus you can time yourself which I always did when practicing. *They also have a free 7 day trial with 100 questions!


  • Saved this for last and used UWorld to fill in when I didn’t have enough questions for a particular section. They are the makers of the exam so definitely a must to use this resource! *If you qualify for fee assistance, I believe this is free
Full Length Practice Exams (what I used)

The Princeton Review

  • The demo and two more full lengths came with the purchase of my books and I started them once I was about 3/4 through content review.

Next Step

  • Paid $99 for 4 of their tests. Started these (and the half length diagnostic) after I finished The Princeton Review exams.

AAMC Practice Exams

  • Again, saved these for last! They are most definitely the most realistic of what your score will be. Especially if you did a lot of practice exams before them!
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