*Sorry! In order to provide my best support to the premeds I am currently helping with edits, application advising, and tutoring, I am not accepting new students at this time.*

I foresee having a lot more availability by the end of May and for the month of June so be sure to check back then!

Hey premeds! Until I start medical school this summer, I plan to offer affordable services to help you guys succeed in your own journey to medical school. 

I was fortunate enough to receive 10 acceptances during the 2021 application cycle and while I can’t guarantee that working with me will get you into medical school, I can promise that I will give you my best advice based on my own experience going through the same process! 

The experts charge hundreds to thousands for the same services and if you are like me, that is completely unaffordable!! 

Be sure to check out all of my free content on Instagram, my blog posts, and YouTube. If you need additional support from there, below is what I offer!