9 Amazon Finds: Affordable Bedroom Decor

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When I moved to Seattle with my boyfriend George last year, I was so excited to buy all the things for our bedroom in our new house. I scoured Amazon for hours upon hours to find affordable bedroom decor that was also super cute. I’m about as cheap as it gets, so no way was I spending hundreds of dollars on night stands and dressers. I wanted to make our bedroom a space I was excited to come home to at the end of a long day of work, while also not breaking the bank.

We made one splurge (anything over $100 is a splurge IMO) but even that was “cheap” compared to what you could pay. So overall, I am so happy with how our bedroom turned out and had to share my favorite finds for affordable bedroom decor.


I ended up getting white for the furniture items to keep the bedroom bright and inviting. Then with the smaller items, I added colors of blues and grays and it all came together really nicely!

1. Nightstands

It absolutely BAFFLES me how expensive night stands can get! Like are you kidding me?! They are so small and all you really need them for is to put a book and your phone on them! I probably spent the most amount of time searching for these because I refused to pay $100 for such a small piece of furniture with limited function. It was frustrating to search for so long, but these white night stands were worth the search! I love them and despite the low price they don’t look cheap!

Buy it: $56.99 End Table Night Stand

2. Duvet Cover

I was incredibly indecisive when it came to choosing bedding. This time it wasn’t because of the price, but because I have always bought girly/dorm room looking bedding! Not that George cared one bit, but I was determined to find bedding that was more “adult” and not girly! I finally came across this blue duvet cover and knew it was the one! I love this color blue with white furniture and the buttons are such a nice modern touch. Also, the price! OMG, I couldn’t believe I found something I liked so much for so cheap!

Buy it: $34.99 Queen Duvet Cover

3. Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

Alright, this was the one thing I decided to splurge on and our only buy over $100. The decision was also influenced by the fact that I previously had the cheapest bed frame I could find when I was in grad school. I felt long over due for an upgrade and this looks so nice that the splurge was we worth it!

Buy it: $199.99 Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

4. Rug

Despite having a dog that forces us to buy a new one of these every 6 months, I love this rug and pattern! I definitely plan to keep replacing it because the white and grey looks perfect with our furniture and bedding. Just not so perfect for dog owners. The white slowly turns less and less white over time from being walked on by us and our dog. If you don’t want to replace it or have an off write rug in six months, I would suggest a darker one. Personally, I love it too much to try anything else!

Buy it: $78.27 Ivory/Grey Area Rug

5. Twinkle Lights

Okay, so although I wanted to steer clear of “dormy” things now that I am three years post college graduation, these are an exception. George loves these lights too and I think the dorm look depends on how you use them. The picture below definitely fits a dorm room. I on the other hand, just outlined one wall with lights and it looks really nice! Plus, it all really just comes down to whatever you like. There are no rules when decorating your own place!

Buy it: $11.99 Copper String Lights

6. Bookshelf

Mainstay is my FAVORITE brand ever for furniture. I have bought it so many times over the years because it is incredibly affordable, easy to put together, and looks nice. A bookshelf literally just holds stuff! I would never be able to justify spending $150 or more on one, ever! Although, George totally thinks one day when I have a real job and make way more money my mind will change. I think even if I were a millionaire I would still continue to buy cheap Mainstay furniture!

Buy it: $33.00 Mainstay 3-Shelf Bookcase

7. TV Stand/Dresser

Sorry if you are sick of my cheap rant by now, but this is another that I just can’t get over. Dressers are so expensive! If we had to have one, I would suck it up and buy the most reasonably priced 6 drawer dresser I could find (and cry while doing it) LOL. Luckily, we have enough closet space that we just needed a place to hold our socks and underwear. So this is my super-proud-of-my-cheap-a**-self hack. Get this super cheap organizer, lay it long ways, and use it as a TV stand AND dresser. Obviously, by itself it is not cute in any way. Which is why below I linked some cute storage bins to use as drawers in the organizer. BAM! So much money saved! You spend $80 versus $200 which was how much the cheapest dresser I could find was (that didn’t look cheap AF). Plus, I think adding the bins makes it look a lot cuter than a plain and boring dresser.

Buy it: $36.98 6Cube Organizer

8. Cube Storage Bins

I love bins like these so much, I think I may have some in every room of the house. They are especially great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and office space. For the purpose of this article, they add some decoration to the room and the white and gray ties in nice with everything else listed!

Buy it: $42.99 Cube Storage Bins

9. Candles

Candles are like the finishing touch that makes your bedroom your oasis. I bought this scent for the first time a few months ago, and since then I have purchased four more! I’m obsessed and light these every night when I’m getting ready for bed. If you are a fan of fruity scents, you should definitely give this one a try!

Buy it: $14.99 Hibiscus & Melon Candle

Bonus: Homemade Wall Art

Alright, so this is not an Amazon find but since it’s my favorite addition to our bedroom it had to be mentioned. George and I both made one of these at a wine and paint night. It was one of the first few date nights we had early on in our relationship and we had such a fun time. Now they are hung up on the wall above our nightstands. Looking at them makes me think of such sweet memories and they just happened to go well with our room.

canvas picture

Buy it: Priceless

Your Dream Bedroom Awaits

There you have it! Affordable bedroom decor that you can have shipped right to your door from Amazon! If you are cheap AF like me, I hope you loved this post! I get so excited when I find nice things for a price I think is reasonable. Hopefully this post helps you find something you love too!

Comment below and let me know how your bedroom decorating goes!